How it works


On our website, you can buy the desired medical equipment and that can be done by putting it into the shopping basket on the web-shop, choosing the ordered quantity, payment option and transport means. We will then deliver medical equipment as soon as possible. 

You can also buy your chosen equipment directly at our branch (central base), where we will gladly welcome you and gladly help you. 

The availability of all our offered medical equipment is listed specifically for every product, or you can phone or e-mail us in order to get information about availability. Personal pick up is very welcome, but it is necessary to arrange it by telephone and have it confirmed by e-mail.


Firstly, because we can advise you the maximum, and mainly with newly developed disabilities (stroke, injury etc.)

The main thing is that the mobility possibilities of you or your close-ones can change, and by that the possibilities of your whole being, and you don´t know how to help them, whether with mobility, hygiene etc. That is why we are here.


All our products come from renowned European manufacturers with a guarantee of the quality of the used materials, quality of handling and modern design.

The certainty is that every manufacturer of medical equipment that we represent produces medical equipment with the European system of quality for the manufacture of medical equipment ISO 11199.

We ensure the fastest authorised warranty, and post-warranty service on all medical equipment supplied by us.

We have more than 12 years of experience on the market with medical equipment, and while cooperating with the best European suppliers bring you equipment of high quality, modern design and 100% functionality. We will be glad if you provide us with feedback with your opinion on our products, or services because for us you are the most important people, our customers.