Care chair Altitude


The care chair Altitude, in its basic form, is equipped with an 80 mm thick seating cushion.

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Very comfortable care chair Altitude stabilizing the head and back. Equipped with: comfortable soft upholstery from DARTEX, footrests with adjustable angle of inclination to the level with side protections, headrest, seat belts.

The advantage is the ability to adjust the angle of the backrest and seat. All adjustments are made smoothly using hydraulic cylinders.

This type of care chair are designed for lying, very flaccid people whose condition does not allow the use of classic reclining chairs that do not guarantee an adequate level of safety.

The standard version is equipped with in a therapeutic wooden table with a semi-circular cut-out. The table is tilted to the side and demountable, as well as four-point belts and headrest. The care chair has the option of setting different seat height from the ground and three types of seat cushion thickness to choose from.

Four swivel wheels make maneuvering and room guidance is easy.


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