Comfort wheelchair Inovys 2-E


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The Inovys II-E is a highly comfortable chair with multiple adjustment possibilities and an independent battery.

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An important element in ensuring optimal care for a patient with four or three limb paralysis is proper care and prevention of skin lesions, especially bedsores. In the care of a lying patient, it is important to pay special attention to frequent changes of position that allow you to relieve those parts of the body that are most vulnerable to pressure sores.

Keeping the patient’s ideal posture in the INOVYS 2-E wheelchair has become even easier and does not require using carers. The user can independently adjust the angle of the backrest and the seat smoothly using the remote control. Other parameters of the wheelchair can also be adjusted to the individual requirements of the patient. The headrest is very interesting and its positioning is unlimited, it can also be rotated and moved horizontally. The seat depth is also smoothly adjusted. For people who use the wheelchair in the winter outside and need a thicker dress, the wheelchair has the option of widening the seat as standard. Equipped as standard with orthopedic Contur upholstery made of DARTEX, which guarantees excellent stability and comfort. The wheelchair is an ideal solution for people after strokes, after four-leg, three-leg paralysis and people suffering from MS. It guarantees the highest comfort and safety. As standard, the wheelchair is equipped with upholstery with deep profiling – a guarantee of correct torso and pelvis stabilization and high comfort. In the case when the user will use an anti-bedsore pillow, simply remove the pillow from the seat and put on an anti-bedsore. People with paralysis and four-limb paresis with spinal deformities require special equipment. In addition to the ability to change the position of the seat, systems of stabilization, support and relief for the spine are also needed. We offer specialized supports, such as the TARTA specialist torso support, whose shape can be modeled in a way that best stabilizes the torso and relieves the spine of people with scoliosis. We also offer a special corset made in STABILO vacuum technology. The surface and shape of such a corset can be freely shaped.

The wheelchair can also be equipped with various types of belts, corrective and stabilizing vests made of NEOFLEX ~. The use of belts guarantees correct and stable sitting posture. Standard version of INOVYS:

a contour seat

contour backrest

adjustable headres

adjustable headrest volume

automatically adjustable

backrest inclination angle with the help of remote control

automatically adjustable seat inclination angle remote control

adjustable angle of the footrests, adjustable angle of the footrest plate

adjustable pushing handle height

knee protections

adjustable seat depth

adjustable seat width

adjustable distance between the footrests

adjustable height of the armrests

adjustable height of the seat

wheels for quick couplings


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