Electronic wheelchair Forest 3 S.U. (stand up)

(The price indicating above is for standard model only)

Wheelchair Forest 3 SU has durable and stable construction, which allows it to be equipped with an upright positioning option.

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Wheelchair Forest 3 stand up with standing function. The durable and stable construction of the all-terrain wheelchair, which is the FOREST 3 SU, allows it to be equipped with an upright positioning option that smoothly rises the user. The wide chest belt plus knee support allows stable upright standing. For people for whom this basic equipment is not enough, we also offer a headrest to stabilize the head as well as femoral pelottes to stabilize the pelvis. An additional advantage is the option of setting the lying position as standard. When folded down, the armrests lower below the seat line, which facilitates transfer to the bed and from the bed to the wheelchair.

Front wheels to choose from: 200mm, single-leg footrest, anti-tipping wheels – shock absorbed on the ROSTA ® system, armrests adjustable in three planes, in winter when you need to get fatter you won’t be too tight. The system of changing the width of the seat field guarantees comfort, adjustment of the seat depth in two systems (sliding backrest and retractable frame at the front), profiled upholstery: the backrest with deep profiling with side support perfectly stabilizes the back, upholstery material available: skaj, dartex, cordura, seat profiled in a way that prevents it from sliding out of the stroller, automatic adjustment of the backrest angle, femoral pelottes (option). Upright posture: Increases bone density, improves lung and digestive system efficiency, reduces contracture in joints, improves mood, enables visual interaction in contact with other people, strengthens the sense of confidence in oneself, provokes to increase activity.


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