Electronic wheelchair Forest kids


(The price indicating above is for standard model only)

The Forest Kids is an electronic wheelchair for children, used for indoor and outdoor and ideal in overcoming obstacles.

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FOREST kids is a version of a children’s wheelchair. Excellent rear wheel suspension constructed on adjustable shock absorbers allows you to feel the highest comfort when driving off-road. When we add to this a very interesting front wheel suspension, which guarantees the contact of all four wheels even on uneven terrain, the truck turns into a real off-road wonder. Very interesting suspension of anti-tipping wheels on the ROSTA® system effectively protects against dangerous tipping of the wheelchair in a way that adapts to the height of the obstacle being overcome. Rear and front LED lighting (provides excellent visibility), safety belt, front wheels 3.00×4 diameter typical for off-road trucks, footrest plate also adjustable in depth, anti-tipping wheels – amortized on the ROSTA® system, armrests are vertically and horizontally adjustable in conjunction with the possibility of adjusting the joystick position, it allows full control, in winter when you need to get thicker you will not be too tight the system of changing the seat width guarantees comfort, adjustable depth of the seat in two systems (sliding backrest and retractable front frame), adjustable backrest angle – manual, adjustable seat angle, seat profiled in a way that prevents it from sliding out of the wheelchair, upholstery made in the standard of CORDURY®. Optional we offer a sensational torso support >> TARTA – excellent stabilization and correction of spinal defects. The system allows the formation of an orthosis for any deformation of the child’s spine. Dear parent, take care of your child’s healthy spine in time, using the orthosis you guarantee your child a healthy and straight spine. The wheelchair in the picture is equipped with an additional option: headrest L55.


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