Electronic wheelchair Springer

(The price indicating above is for standard model only)

The Springer is a fine example on how technology can facilitate the social integration of a person. Easy to get around and the lift function creates a greater accessibility. Better social interaction at similar level with friends & family at home and at school.

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Wheelchair Springer with electric drive for CHILDREN. A fantastic suspension solution for the rear and front wheels based on adjustable shock absorbers allows you to feel the highest comfort when driving off-road. Real fun when driving on uneven terrain. Very interesting suspension of anti-tipping wheels on the ROSTA system effectively protects against dangerous tipping of the truck in a way that adapts to the height of the obstacle being overcome. The optional wheelchair can be equipped with automatic seat height adjustment. The person sits at a height of 73 cm, it provides eye contact with the standing person. Technology and durability. Amortization of the rear and front wheels, rear lighting and front LED lights (provides excellent visibility), seat belt, front wheels 3.00×4 diameter typical for off-road trucks, unit steering type SHARk II, footrest plate also adjustable in depth, anti-tipping wheels – shock-absorbed ROSTA, armrests adjustable vertically and horizontally, which in conjunction with the possibility of adjusting the joystick position allows full control, In winter when you need to get warmer dress will certainly not be too The system of changing the width of the seat field guarantees comfort, seat depth adjustment in two systems, (sliding backrest and the frame extends from the front), adjustable backrest angle – manual, adjustable seat angle, aluminum ERGO backrest with deep profiling with side support. stabilizes the back, allows for laying different types of pillows in this STABIL system. The seat is profiled in a way that prevents it from sliding out of the weelchair. The upholstery is made in CORDURY® standard. The photo shows the wheelchair with an additional option: seat lift.


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