Lightweight walker Cadeo


The Cadeo is a 4-wheel foldable rollator. Equipped with a ­­­­­removable shopping bag and a padded seat. A foldable bar provides extra support when seated.

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CADEO allows you to move safely and comfortably in closed rooms (DPS-s, flats, hospitals, etc.). Accordingly, the wheel size 110 mm makes the rollator very manoeuvrable. The light weight, with a bag is 5.5 kg, allows it to be lifted even by a very weak person. The specific pressure mechanism on the rear wheels allows braking only by leaning on the push handles, no need to use traditional brakes. For the elderly it is a much safer solution.

Sitting shelf

Back support

Ergonomic handles

Adjusting the height of the handles

Shopping basket

Technical data:

width 590 mm, length 600 mm, total height 800 – 910 mm, seat depth 300 mm, seat width 300 mm, seat height 540 mm, weight with 5.5 kg bag, maximum load 90 kg, wheel ø 110 mm


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Technical data:

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