Manual wheelchair 708D Hem1


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The 708D Hem1 has armrests that are foldable and removable and are equipped with soft, extra long and comfortable padding.

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The 708D Hem1 is a steel wheelchair with foldable and removable extra-long armrests made from soft and comfortable padding.
The fabric of the seat and back, together with aluminium leg rests, will provide optimal comfort while using this chair.
The HEM 1, also known as a hemiplegic system, with lever drive has been designed for users with limited arm strength.
Equipped with a lever mounted on the axle of the rear wheel, the wheelchair may be propelled either forward or backward with little effort.
The handle is devised with a horizontal steering control which enables the chair to turn left or right.
The lever can be fitted on the left or the right side.
Also available as HEM2 version with a double handrail on the left or the right side.


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