Manual wheelchair Sagitta SI


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Active light alloy weelchair Sagitta SI with adjustable seat angle: Dynamic and Activity. If you are a person who learns, works, uses all the charms of life.

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A light active wheelchair with fixed aluminium frame offering high mobility and independence.
Designed for users living a fast – paced lifestyle. The SAGITTA Si model is characterized by its variable angle of seating: an important feature for tetraplegics allowing them to sit firmly and securely. Perfectly balanced center of gravity allows for excellent, precise
maneuverability. The ‘Golden Ratio’ maximally simplified design and the optimal proportion of elements that are movable in relation to the solid elements of the frame gives unimaginable durability, endurance and beauty in itself. Light and compact frame made of aluminum. The total weight of wheelchair including of the rear wheels is only 9.5 kg. Sagitta Si will accompany you at every moment of your active life. Created with the cooperation of users to meet all expectations in mobility and convenience.
Rear wheel axle system for changing the center of gravity of the stroller and various rear wheel angle 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, 10°.
A unique backrest system allowing to smoothly change the backrest angle in the range of -7°/ 7°.
The tension of the seat and backrest can be changed using Velcro straps.
Three-stage backrest height adjustment.
Contoured backrest for easy ventilation made from CORDURA® a special super durable technical material.
The trolley in the picture above is equipped with an additional option of the VIKING wheels.



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