Manual wheelchair V100 XXL


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The V100 XXL is a light weight manually propelled wheelchair for temporary or permanent use with a range of settings.

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Steel wheelchair V100 XXL is configurable. The design allows you to change some important parameters such as: seat depth, seat height from the ground, height and depth of support under the elbow. The wheelchair guarantees a load of 175 kg. The wheelchair meets the high quality requirements confirmed by certificates, German TUV and French CERAH as well as passed the CRASH test and meets the ISO 7176-19 standard. 3 seat height from the ground, 2 seat depth, 3 elbow support height, 3 elbow support depth. ATTENTION! If a person weighs over 100 kg, a wheelchair with tubeless wheels should be ordered. However, if the patient weighs over 120kg, you should additionally consider using L34L35 orthopedic upholstery. It is a seat and backrest upholstered on a wooden base, which guarantees adequate strength and additionally guarantees proper stabilization.


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