Manual wheelchair V200 Hem2

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Stroke wheelchair V200 Hem2 with one-sided laundry with one-hand drive mechanism. Dedicated to people after strokes, which results in half limb paralysis.

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Manual wheelchair made from aluminium dedicated to people after the strokes suffering from half limb paralysis.
Its unique drive mechanism allows the user to operate the wheelchair using only one hand.
The brake is designed in same way allowing the wheels to be locked using one hand only.
Very often, after the stroke, the wrist and elbow can contract over time, so it is recommended to use a special armrest that will stabilize the forearm of the ineligible limb and also allow changing its position to armrest.
We recommend the armrest B66S made in vacuum technology which allows modeling its shape in any way so that it is maximally fitted to the forearm and optimally stabilizes it.
The armrest enables the attachment of additional stabilization straps.
The HEM2 drive mechanism itself is on quick-release axles and can be easily and quickly shifted from left to right and vice versa.


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