Manual wheelchair V200 XXL


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The V200 XL is a light weight manually propelled wheelchair for temporary or permanent use with optimised settings.

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The V200 XXL is an aluminium wheelchair dedicated to people weighing up to 175 kg. Standard equipped with a railing connecting push handles, which stiffens and strengthens the structure while driving. Special reinforcements guarantee high resistance to loads. We are guided by the guiding idea: the wheelchair must be folded to the user and not vice versa. That is why our constructions are modular and adaptable. They have a large number of additional options, all options are interchangeable. This is the result of our continuous research and 60 years of experience.

Guarantee of quality. V200 meets high European quality standards for this type of equipment: TUV, CERAH etc. The wheelchair is also certified in terms of CRASH TEST and meets the standard ISO 7176-19.

4 seat height from the ground

2 seat depths

3 support height under the elbow

3 support depth under elbow

5 levels of seat inclination

ATTENTION! The wheelchair should be equipped with KRYPTON wheels without inner tubes. Such wheels are very resistant to heavy loads. Additional equipment such as drum brakes for an accompanying person should also be considered. is a very important option from a security point of view. The person pushing the wheelchair maintains control of the wheelchair when descending on steep inclines.


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