Neoflex belt U78

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Model U78 is a “reins” type harness that allows crisscross fastening or standard fastening per each shoulder.

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Kyphosis vest U78. A correct body posture is one that ensures optimal stability, requires minimal muscular effort to keep it upright, and creates conditions for optimal positioning of internal organs. Correct posture is characterized by:

simple head position

physiological bends of the spine in the sagittal plane and a straight spine in the frontal plane

well arched chest

shoulders slightly retracted in relation to the pelvis

symmetrical position of the pelvis

Therefore, it is very important that the person seated in the wheelchair has the correct support. There are three basic support surfaces: back buttocks and lower limbs. U78Neo belts are used to correct and stabilize the torso in typical spinal deformations; kyphosis for the use of belts:

torso enlargement and retraction of the blades

reduction of kyphosis

natural position of the torso in relation to the pelvis

improvement of respiratory ability

improvement of head control

maintaining a good field of vision


Purpose of the belts:

Correct support of the torso, which together with the hip belt and additional lateral support will allow keeping the upright torso and keeping the head in the correct position . Vertebrae rotation in the transverse plane or torso twisting. Purpose of the belts: To pull the tilted shoulder to the backrest so that the torso is positioned in the sagittal plane. All upper belts are standard part of the body are provided with voltage regulation front, which allows a person sitting in the wheelchair independent adjustment of tension. It is possible to supply belts and waistcoats with back adjustment, when it is not advisable for the patient to have access to self-tension adjustment. It is recommended for such deformations as the use of the two-point hip belt in parallel U76 described above.

THE BELT SELECTION AND VESTS: Measure shoulder width according to the tendency to change weight, height, and thicker clothing. XS (24cm-28cm) S (28cm-33cm) M (33cm-41cm) L (41cm-48cm) XL (48cm-56cm) More information about support and posture correction


Technical data:

Neoprene lenght:

S 24 cm
M 29 cm
L 34 cm