Patient lift Albatros II


Compact patient hoist with easy usage. The Albatros II model is foldable in a few seconds for easy storage and transport. The Albatros II helps to stabilize a person in a verticalised position.

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Albatros is a device for standing. Raises the patient from sitting to an upright position. The upright position is the natural posture of the human being, during which the internal organs of the man work most efficiently. The device is also used to transfer people from a pram or bed to the toilet in an upright position. Albatros supports medical staff in everyday situations and effectively relieves the spine during the transfer of disabled people, thus reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. With such a device it is possible to perform such activities only by one guardian. The sling performs the role of a special harness used to lift the upper part of the torso, it is designed so that it does not hurt patients under the arms in the place where the greatest pressure occurs and guarantees maximum comfort. After the patient is vertically positioned, it can be used to stabilize the hips by hanging it on the hooks on the push handles. Albatros guarantees safe, comfortable and ergonomic positioning of patients. Two-part control system: controller and battery separately. This allows you to buy an additional battery and an external charger. Such a system increases the safety of continuity of the verticalizer, a particularly advantageous feature in collective treatment units such as hospitals, DPSs, etc. When using one battery that has discharged, there is no need to wait until it recharges, only replacing it with the other, and at that time the discharged one undergoes the charging process.

A suitable foot platform equipped with non-slip insoles and proper knee support with a calf protection dog perfectly stabilizes the legs. If greater foot stability is required, special foot trays with stabilization straps can be used.

Four support points: feet, knees, hips, chest.

The entire control and drive system based on LINAK technology.

The design allows easy and quick folding for transport without using of any tools.

Models equipped with wheels with a block.

The running frame is movable and enables smooth adjustment of the spacing for maximum stability.

Vest type carrier made of gray polyester.


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