Rehabilitation electric bed Illico


The Illico bed is a medical bed combining an attractive design and ultra-fast assembly without any extra tools.

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Home care bed, remote controlled. Phillips construction. The high quality and functional standard makes ILLICO an excellent bed supporting the care and rehabilitation process and increases the quality of life of lying people. Bed. ILICO has a constructive solution that makes it possible to fold and unfold it in less than 3 minutes. That is why it is ideally suited to a rental shop, where the bed is in continuous rotation. Features:

smooth height adjustment on the remote control

smooth adjustment of the headrest angle on the remote control

smooth adjustment of the angle of the thigh segment on the remote control

manual adjustment of the angle of inclination of the calf segment

LINAK cylinders

boom and equipped railings

metal or wooden railings,

metal pallets,

ABS pallets – additional option

bed supplied on the transport system – option


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